It’s spring, but technology startups in the medical field seem to be popping up faster than flowers this year.

This rapid pace of technological advancement carries with it a buzz as it’s opening new opportunities that can solve medical problems, both old and new. There’s always something cutting edge technology developing, and always something potentially life changing (and life-saving) system on the horizon.

At first glance, medical technology might not seem that interesting — too full of jargon and rare diseases no one has or knows about. But, their potential to change how (and how long) we live, means these startups have a direct affect on on the future of humanity. We find that incredibly exciting.

With money pouring in from equally excited investors, these startups are springing up all over the world.

Worldwide Progress in the Medical Field

From India to New York, and from every industry under the sun (from insurance to fitness), medical technology startups are changing the way we’re interacting with the healthcare industry, our doctors, and even our own bodies. To help you keep up to speed with these advancements, we’ve created this map which pinpoints each of the newest, hottest medical technology startups around the world.

Some of the most exciting medical startups in 2019 include:

Though it may take time for these life-changing companies to get through all the red tape native to the medical field, each company promises a unique value proposition boasting some truly astounding possibilities for the future of humanity, and for their investors.

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Article written by the Team — Flying Saucer Studio

January 29, 2021
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