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Six Startup Trends in 2020 to Keep an Eye On

Whether you’re an investor, a startup founder, or simply someone who likes being ahead of the curve, it definitely pays to keep your ear to the ground. At Flying Saucer, we work primarily with startups.
Branding & Awareness

Luos' rebranding

We are very proud to announce the re-branding of Luos!
Branding & Awareness

6 Benefits of Brand Equity

Brand equity: it’s one of those buzz words you hear thrown around conference tables and over near-empty cups of coffee, but you may very well not know what it really means or why you should want it. What you do know? You should want it.
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5 Industries We LOVE to Work With

We hate to #humblebrag, but we’ve built a pretty amazing portfolio of work over the years.
Funding & VC’s

The Flying Saucer Impact Guarantee: We're Confident You'll Be Impacted

We’ve been talking a lot about Impact these days - it’s something we’re pretty excited about if you haven’t noticed.

5 Easy Steps: How to Hire a Remote Developer in 2020

Remote work is the future of employment. Check out these quick tips that we've tried, tested and found true for how to hire a remote developer in 2020.
Branding & Awareness

5 Essential Steps to Pulling Off a Successful Rebranding

5 essential steps to pulling off a successful rebranding

Customer Acquisition Cost by Industry

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been exploring all things customer acquisition. We recently published our Friendly Guide to Customer Acquisition along with an article about CAC.

3 Ways We Avoid Playing "Broken Telephone"

Here you are, you’ve decided you’re going to outsource a couple of aspects of your design, and/or marketing work.
Impact & Inspiration

A Simple Definition of Social Impact

Can you hear it? There’s a revolution afoot. Right now, in the boardrooms and strategy sessions of companies around the world, things are changing.