And our 2nd Winner Is...

We're announcing the winner of the second recipient of the $10,000 Flying Saucer Impact Grant

What Does Working Remotely Mean in 2020?

Start with a definition of what working remotely means in today's employment market and then learn why it's part of our DNA here at Flying Saucer Studio.

10 Steps to Implementing an Effective Inbound Strategy in 90 Days

By now, you’ve probably heard that inbound marketing costs an average of 62% less per lead than outbound marketing. If you’re excited to hop on board and seize these new opportunities for increased ROI, we’re here to make it happen with you.
Branding & Awareness

How Much Does Branding Cost?

In our previous articles on branding, like the Abridged Branding Bible and the 6 Surprising Benefits of Brand Equity – we defined what branding means to us

Impact Spotlight - Driving Digital Cultural Impact To The Streets

Here at Flying Saucer, we love natural storytellers - especially ones that are having a huge impact.
Branding & Awareness

The Ultimate Startup Guide to Brand Awareness

If a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one there to hear it, did it make a sound? Sure, but that’s not really helpful, is it? You need people to hear your rallying cry! That’s where brand awareness comes in.
Funding & VC’s

The Flying Saucer Impact Guarantee: We're Confident You'll Be Impacted

We’ve been talking a lot about Impact these days - it’s something we’re pretty excited about if you haven’t noticed.

The Carbon Footprint of an Email is Higher Than You Think

Have you ever wondered how your email is affecting the environment? Wonder no more!
Branding & Awareness

The Abridged Branding Bible for Startups

We know it matters. We recognize companies that are amazing at it. We know there’s something magical and intangible about the stories and feelings we associate to our favorite brands. But how the heck do brands like that even get built?

UI Design Process for Websites

Every time I remember the way I used to start web projects a few years ago, it’s difficult not to think about how wrong and out of place I was. My first and last stage was to start creating the UI Design in Photoshop; no user flows, general research or wireframes were created.

Moodboards: What They Are, What They Do and Why You Need Them

You’re knee-deep into the branding process and now you’re ready for a moodboard. Think of this as your brand’s vision board, your curated scrapbook.