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Invenis' rebranding

We are very proud to announce the re-branding of Invenis!
Branding & Awareness

10 Keys Ingredients for Your Brand Strategy Secret Sauce

Your brand strategy is everything. But while it does determine your overall success, once you’ve perfected the recipe, your biggest challenge will be keeping up with the demand.
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Six Startup Trends in 2020 to Keep an Eye On

Whether you’re an investor, a startup founder, or simply someone who likes being ahead of the curve, it definitely pays to keep your ear to the ground. At Flying Saucer, we work primarily with startups.

The Startup’s Friendly Guide to Customer Acquisition

So. You have your product, you’ve put in the emotional labor to establish your why and the essence of your brand - it’s time to pat yourself on the back, right? Time to finally celebrate and take a rest.
Branding & Awareness

The Abridged Branding Bible for Startups

We know it matters. We recognize companies that are amazing at it. We know there’s something magical and intangible about the stories and feelings we associate to our favorite brands. But how the heck do brands like that even get built?

UI Design Process for Websites

Every time I remember the way I used to start web projects a few years ago, it’s difficult not to think about how wrong and out of place I was. My first and last stage was to start creating the UI Design in Photoshop; no user flows, general research or wireframes were created.

Content Planning Part 2: The How

If step 1 was about understanding why content marketing matters and where to find your audiences, part 2 is all about taking all of that information and putting it to good use. How, you might ask?
Impact & Inspiration

Exciting New MedTech Startups of 2019

It’s spring, but technology startups in the medical field seem to be popping up faster than flowers this year.

Website Migration - How Not to Lose Traffic

When you’re contemplating a website redesign, the idea of migrating your existing blog and search engine cred can leave you sweating at inopportune moments.

Impact Spotlight - The Nannybag Branding Success Story

We know - we’re branding freaks over here at Flying Saucer and we just can’t get enough.
Branding & Awareness

25 Inspiring Branding Guidelines You Can Learn from Today

Branding. A term that strikes both fear and passion in the hearts of creatives everywhere – and such exacting work!