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Invenis' rebranding

We are very proud to announce the re-branding of Invenis!
Branding & Awareness

How Much Should You Spend on Branding?

Our last article focused on how much does branding cost, and now we’re here to help you decide how much YOU should be spending on branding (yes, you!).
Impact & Inspiration

The Top Three Eco-Friendly Web Hosts in 2020

Just over a week ago, Greta Thunberg’s team released an amazing little video titled, Our House is on Fire. In just 60 seconds, the video makes a heated argument (pun oh-so-intended) about the planet and the damage we’re all collectively doing to it.

3 Simple Ways to Move from Acquisition to Customer Retention

We addressed the importance of having a solid and well-tested customer acquisition strategy, but what happens next? Once you’ve built and grown your customer base, your work is far from done – now you need to make sure your current customers continue purchasing your products and services.

The Carbon Footprint of an Email is Higher Than You Think

Have you ever wondered how your email is affecting the environment? Wonder no more!
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24 Clever Ways for Startups to Boost Brand Awareness

Today, we’re keeping things short(ish) and sweet with quick, actionable tips you can put into place today in order to build brand awareness and share your startup’s story.
Branding & Awareness

5 Essential Steps to Pulling Off a Successful Rebranding

5 essential steps to pulling off a successful rebranding

How Much Should Building a Website Cost?

You’ve made the decision - you need a website and/or your current website isn’t quite doing it for you. Look at you putting on your big person underpants! But how much should you set aside in your budget to build, or revamp one - and which is the right decision for you and your business?
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What Are Distinctive Brand Assets and Why Are They Important?

You know how you have that one friend who never leaves the house without putting serious thought into the way they dress?
Branding & Awareness

The Abridged Branding Bible for Startups

We know it matters. We recognize companies that are amazing at it. We know there’s something magical and intangible about the stories and feelings we associate to our favorite brands. But how the heck do brands like that even get built?

Project Management for Remote Teams

I think you all know what it means to be a project manager. I mean, you all do it at some point in your life when planning a trip, a wedding or any other project you might have.