While many companies talk about supporting charities, and some donate a small percentage of their profits, we don’t see many organizations giving a big chunk of their revenue to nonprofits.

That’s why we were so impressed when Reskue.art applied to the Fall 2022 Creatives Without Borders Impact Grant.

Reskue is a marketplace for digital art -- specifically, for philanthropic digital art. When you buy a piece of art through Reskue, 50% of your money goes to nonprofits working for childcare, ocean life, forests, gender equality, and more. Customers and artists can choose from eight different nonprofit partners to support.

That commitment to doing good just blew us away.  50% of revenue is huge! As soon as we saw Reskue.art’s application, we knew we wanted to help them reach more people.

Reskue.art received a grant from Creatives Without Borders in collaboration with Flying Saucer Studio, which provided them with valuable marketing and design services to further their impact-driven mission.

We jumped right in with Reskue’s team, and designed them a new brand that would attract art buyers and make Reskue look even more professional and polished. Then, we created a new UI/UX for their website to give viewers a smooth, welcoming experience and get more people to buy art and support Reskue’s wonderful partner causes.

Our Impact Grant projects are so close to our hearts at Flying Saucer Studio. We love working with passionate people who are bringing something good into the world, and we’re honored to help them get more people involved with their mission. At the end of the day, that’s the best kind of marketing, isn’t it?

We can’t wait to see how far Reskue goes with their new brand and website. If you’re an art lover, check them out!

March 28, 2023
Impact & Inspiration

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