In the evolving landscape of marketing, being innovative is no longer just a preference; it's an imperative. To disrupt the market and challenge the status quo, we need to evolve beyond traditional boundaries. This philosophy led to the creation of a unique model by our agency - we invest in startups with our own money, demonstrating our unshakeable belief in their potential and committing to their success. In doing so, we’re not only putting our money where our mouth is, but we’re also paving the way for the next generation of businesses.

Our leadership is renowned for its creativity, boasting numerous accolades including FWA, Webby Awards, Gold Awards, and mentoring roles at leading accelerators like Techstars and Alchemist. With eight years of innovation under our belt and more than 300 success stories, we stand tall as a unique Franco-American collective. Our team consists of creatives hailing from the finest agencies in France and the U.S., whose work has been featured in major media outlets like TechCrunch, the NY Times, USA Today, and many others.

Our investment model underlines a simple belief: We don’t just work for our clients; we work with them. This approach is exemplified in our collaboration with an exciting roster of startups. We'd like to introduce you to some of them:

Air EV:

Spearheading the green revolution in transportation, Air EV is developing cutting-edge electric air vehicles.


A trailblazer in the fintech industry, CapitalOs is revolutionizing how we perceive and interact with financial systems.


Clinch is leveraging AI to personalize digital advertising, fostering more meaningful connections between brands and consumers.


Embracing the power of IoT and AI, CropX offers innovative solutions for smart farming and sustainable agriculture.


Reinventing the way we consume entertainment, FilmRise is a promising platform that curates and distributes unique, quality content.

Flash Forest:

Committed to battling climate change, Flash Forest uses drone technology to plant trees at an unprecedented scale and speed.


Redefining the fashion industry, Kontempo brings sustainable and on-demand fashion solutions.


With a vision to democratize access to global markets, Mundi offers a seamless global commerce platform.


Neolithics is pushing boundaries in the realm of prehistoric archeology, harnessing modern technology to unearth our past.

One Zero Digital Bank:

One Zero is shaking up the banking sector, offering customer-centric, fully digital banking solutions.


Simplifying financial transactions, Outgo is the new age solution for swift and secure payments.


A disruptive player in the cryptocurrency world, Ripple's innovative platform enables fast, low-cost international payments.


Toolbox is the future of workplace efficiency, offering smart tools that streamline operations and boost productivity.

These startups exemplify our commitment to innovation, growth, and success. As we stride ahead, we invite more startups to join us on this exciting journey of growth and discovery. Pitch us your ideas, let us invest not just our marketing expertise, but also our belief in your potential. Together, we can shape the future of industries, technology, and the world.

July 5, 2023
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