Flying Saucer was created the exact same way as a new family. Two people started to spend quite some time together, then eventually a third one joined the team. In this case though, each member was pretty far away: Adrien in NYC, Ernesto in Venezuela and Mariana in Mexico City.

After a couple months of working together and increasing client interest, the family grew again. The caterpillar turned into a butterfly, or rather another kind flying animal.

It took all of 2016 to find the perfect way to collaborate; to figure out the right process, softwares but most importantly — clients and projects.

The FS team was one of the first completely remote design studio, so everything was new. We had to figure out how to manage projects, handle timezones, introduce the team and build credibility. 2016 also saw the team growing from 3 to 7 members and the expansion to a second region: Europe.


More timezones = more challenges, but also the capacity to work around the clock which, for startups, meant we had a strategic advantage that allowed us to work on very short deadlines and quick turnarounds. The team grew and the portfolio as well. By focusing on working exclusively for startups, FS got noticed and helped teams to raise millions, develop innovative products and conquer new markets.

Today, a year later, the team has doubled again. We’re now at 15 people around the world working around 2 poles. The first is in NYC and allows us to take care of our North American clients. The second is in Paris and handles our numerous European projects. Supporting this full-time team is a network of 30+ creatives called the FS Friends. The FS Friends are a full team of specialists including copywriters, content creation experts, 3D artists, motion designers, video editors, app developers, HTML5 experts, illustrators and more. But even as the size of the group increases, the family is still working with the same rules: build the best and most agile team for each project as a way to stay fast, efficient and cost effective.

2018 is already looking very exciting with more collaborations on great project like Neurable, which is developing mind controlled software (yes!) We’ll also be working with Tabono to revolutionize sport engagement for kids, and Blueprint Income to offer a guaranteed paycheck after retirement in the US! Last but not least, we’ll have some new members joining the family including a creative director eager to push FS and its production to new heights: Jérémie Knops.

Article written by Adrien — Founder and ECD Flying Saucer Studio


January 29, 2021

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