We recently returned from the “best technology conference on the planet,” and boy can we report back that, really, it is the best technology conference on the planet

We had the chance to sit down with numerous impact startups from all over the world and were so impressed with the groundbreaking projects we learned about, that we simply couldn’t hold onto our excitement any longer. We just had to share the news with you that there are some really great people out there doing some really major things.

What are they doing? We’re glad you asked! Who are they? Even better question! Here are the ten coolest startups we met at Web Summit this year. Get to know them well, as they’re already making waves and will continue to do so well into the next year.


Consentio is harnessing the power of digital technology to create a platform that works to streamline the food trading process. And, while the flashy tech and super-smart algorithms are truly impressive, what’s even more impressive is the impact they’re having on conscious farmers and producers in helping them grow and scale sustainably. 

Through the technology they’ve created, they’re empowering farmers and producers all over the world with the ability to easily connect to the entire trading ecosystem. In other words, they’re impacting the way the fruit, vegetable, and produce industries function, working to enhance efficiency, and creating stronger business models for the farmers and producers on the ground.

Peafowl Solar Power

Peafowl Solar Power is powered by passionate Swedes looking to revolutionize the way in which the world turns natural material into electricity. The company was founded in 2018, and is the proud producer of the world’s first direct plasmonic solar cell.

If you’re not quite sure what that is, don’t worry, we didn’t either at first. Basically, it’s a solar cell that converts natural light into electricity, but because of certain complicated science reasons, it can be built much smaller than other cells.

What’s perhaps even more intriguing about the concept is that their design is so efficient that it can produce electricity even when there’s very little light, making it perfect for places like their native country of Sweden. They held their first live demonstration at Web Summit and the results were conclusive: they’re onto something pretty impressive with a huge potential for positive impact.


Speaking of impact, did you know that Flying Saucer Studios is changing the way we do business in 2020? In the coming year, we plan on shifting our entire focus towards working solely with impact clients, so the chance to speak with the folks at GoParity was truly a delightful experience.

Simply put, this groundbreaking startup allows you to earn money by making the world a better place. The company makes it easier for conscious investors to find and lend to sustainability projects and earn cash at the same time. Translation: you make money while changing the world. Not only is the idea extremely innovative, but the app they’ve designed makes it easy for pretty much anybody to invest.


Sustainability and a sense of humor are at the forefront of what Ohne is doing. Their no-holds-barred attitude towards period products is a breath of fresh air, especially in a world that tries to hawk chemical-filled, pricey, pink-taxed products to women who already know what they’re after. This inventive startup from the UK has nailed down a particularly trendy voice and they’re using it to make waves in the world of feminine hygiene products.

With a hashtag like #PutYouFirst, it comes as no surprise that their products really do put women first— which is exactly the kind of impact we all need heading into 2020. Their period packs feature 100% organic, biodegradable tampons that are unbleached and unscented, just the way they should be. And, they’re currently developing a new line of products such as Holy Cramp CBD oil and other stuff to balance out moody babes. 

Menstrual products + a sense of humor? A match made in heaven and we think people everywhere will agree.


Few things are going to have such a huge impact on the future of our world as the replacement of plastic. Qwarzo is leading that charge as they develop new materials that are safe for the planet and the humans that live on it. Their trademarked Qwarzo Solid is 100% compostable and features many of the same properties that make single-use plastic items so popular. It’s even edible! 

Not only are they working to reduce single-use plastics, but they’re coming up with unique, creative solutions to other products as well. Basically they’re out there saving the world by coming up with new materials, and we’re totally here for it.


Only time will tell what will come of the digital currency craze. As more and more companies begin to develop products that hurt the infrastructure of this new world of currency, SEEDS is working to connect and nurture a globally regenerative culture. On their platform, you’re able to convert traditional money into Seeds, which you can then use to invest in peer-to-peer transactions, pay for traditional transactions, or convert back into real, cold hard cash.

Where SEEDS really excels however (as if they weren’t already exemplary enough), is in their rewards, which incentivize users to invest in a more conscious culture. Users can essentially earn money for behavior that helps to regenerate the Earth, and they can also receive rewards and grants for regenerating the environment. SEEDS has worked to harness the power of digital currency and use it for good, both for the planet and us humans that live on it.


Ripple Energy is offering citizens all over England the chance to own their own wind farm. Yes, you read that right, and it’s just as cool as it sounds. They’re making it easier than ever for people to switch over to clean energy by building co-operative wind farms all over the country. 

Individuals simply invest in a portion of the wind farm, switch their electricity supplier, and then begin enjoying cheaper energy as well as a steeply reduced carbon footprint. It’s a win-win for everybody involved. The ripple effects that this kind of access to clean energy can have on the world are...well, astounding (#PunIntended). We’re excited to see just how deep the impact goes with this one.


With climate change being a huge world focus right now (as it should be), we couldn't be more thrilled to meet GoPlant.Me - a crowdsourcing platform for trees

This creative platform allows you to donate different types of trees that are native to the area that you'd like them to be planted in, all through the click of a few buttons. Not only can you basically hand-deliver trees around the world, but you can see the impact of your own carbon footprint.  Just more proof that one person really can make a difference.

To The Rescue

In an age where developers release new games and silly apps day after day, it’s refreshing to meet with the creators of To The Rescue: an integrative new platform that helps first responders and emergency personnel do their jobs more efficiently. 

The software is comprehensive in that it provides emergency teams with a full-spectrum look at all of their personnel. From the ability to coordinate moves for rescue teams and assign new people to task forces, to the chance to take the rescue mission a step further with Atlas drone technology, there’s really nothing that the platform doesn’t do. Life saving stuff, folks.


Climy is impacting the way in which businesses address sustainability in their buildings. By working to control the indoor climate, the social climate, and the planet’s climate, this innovative startup is making buildings more sustainable with human-centered AI.

The algorithms that Climy has created allow their application to completely take over a building’s energy processes. Essentially, it optimizes the indoor environment and energy consumption. Good for the environment, good for your business, and good for your employees? It’s a win across the board.

And, not only do they make it easy to optimize energy usage, but they make it fun. The Climy app offers rewards and badges to users for hitting achievements that help improve the environment. Gamifying social consciousness is the way of the future, and we’re so excited to see the full impact of this kind of technology in the near future.

January 29, 2021
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