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Borrow These 13 Swipe-Worthy Templates for Your Exit-Intent Pop-Ups

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When well programmed and timed, exit-intent pop-ups can be a great way of preventing users from leaving your site without converting, but the copy you use on these pop-ups also matters tremendously. Here at Flying Saucer Studio, we’ve A/B tested pop-ups for so many of our clients that we’ve started to recognize some hyper-effective ways to get some solid conversions from these last minute game-changers. In combination with a well-designed website and marketing strategy, these pop-ups may very well help you close the deal. Here we’ll look at some high performers together, and if you’d like to read more, you’re welcome to download our free resource on exit-intent pop-up templates.

The Newsletter

Perhaps the most universal exit-intent window of them all is the newsletter pop-up. If you want users to sign up to read your messages and content on a regular basis, it’s important to get the voice and messaging right from the get-go. If your audience is looking for straight-to-the-point or practical information, this template may be perfect for you.

Headline: Hey! Before you leave…

Text: Want insider tips and tricks from leading industry experts? Join our [company name] community and get access to exclusive e-commerce strategies that have yielded powerful results.

CTA: Access insights


The Survey

If you’re looking to find out more about your users, a survey just may prove to be your best ally. One way to incentivize your users to take the time to fill out a survey is by offering a sweet discount in exchange. This template featuring a discount and survey CTA fits both of these ideas into one simple chunk of copy that consistently converts.

Headline: Get 15% off your next purchase!

Text: Answer three simple questions to help us improve your website experience, and receive a 15% discount on your next purchase.

It won’t take more than 5 minutes, and your answers will have a big impact.

CTA: Get discount


The Abandoned Cart

The abandoned cart is a pesky issue for many in the ecommerce space, and of course, if you’re struggling with it, it’s important to make sure your website’s user experience is effectively optimized. Perhaps another agency has already designed your site to optimize for sales, but if you’d still like to improve your conversion metrics, exit-intent windows are great, proactive tools to prevent cart abandonment. Here’s one of our templates targeting a user who intends to leave their cart behind.

Headline: Oops! You forgot something...

Text: Seems like you left some items in your basket. Did you have any questions about them? If you click on the button below, you can start a live chat with a real-life member of your team who will be happy to provide some answers.

CTA: Start a live chat


The Disengaged Visitor

Another way of keeping users on your site and moving them down your sales funnel is to offer them additional information. This could include a how-to guide on your newest technology, a seasonal product they may not know about, or new information about your best-sellers. Here’s a template that stirs up a sense of urgency to get users excited about a specific product or service.

Headline: Did you know….

Text:  That our limited-edition (product) is now back in stock? It’s already being ripped of our virtual shelves, so hurry up and order yours before we’re once again wiped clean.

CTA: Check it out before it’s gone!


Looking for more?

Exit-intent pop-ups, like the rest of your marketing strategy, should be guided by both your products and your company’s business goals. We hope these examples have given you some ideas on how you can make your copy relatable and effective with your audience. And don’t forget, your exit-intent popups are only one small part of the mix. Once you start optimizing and experimenting with every stage of your customer journey, you’ll find countless new opportunities to connect and convert your customers!

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