In case you missed it, late last year, Flying Saucer made a major pivot towards focusing on Impact Brands – companies that are looking to improve the world around them using their innovative tech, service, or solution. To support that goal, we introduced the Quarterly Flying Saucer Impact Grant, a $10,000 service grant awarded to the startup that is setting out to create one hell of an impact in their industry, their area, and/or the world at large.

The entries were astounding and made our job of choosing the winner of the first grant so challenging – they were out of this world! But alas, only one can be awarded. So without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to the winner:

Growd Global

Founded by Angie Madara, who previously worked in the fintech industry for twelve years in her home country of Kenya, Growd Global is a social enterprise that is working to change the way we view co-curricular activities and their role in the education of our youth. Powerful stuff!

To award the $10,000 in services with Flying Saucer, we got in touch with Angie and did some research of our own to learn more about how they settled on the mission of improving education for today’s children and why it’s so important. Stay tuned for that spotlight article, coming soon!

Did you miss the first round of applications? Good news! Applications for the next $10,000 services is NOW OPEN.

To all of those who applied, but were unsuccessful – we encourage you to apply again, and remember: There are still many benefits for you having just applied!

  1. 10% off ANY product and/or service in our Catalog
  2. Discount on our Founders MasterClass Program – inquire today!
  3. A free review of your pitch deck
  4. We’ll pimp you out to our investor network
  5. 1-Hour free consultation on your business strategy

Need a refresher?

Until next time...


January 29, 2021

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