Here at Flying Saucer, we love natural storytellers - especially ones that are having a huge impact. We are passionate about unique content and when we see someone expressing themselves through dynamic, content-driven projects that test the limits of the digital and physical experience - we need to learn more. 

In comes Coolture (yes, you read that right!). Coolture is an interactive platform that was designed to bring culture to the streets. Online, they offer full-service event planning, design production, and communications. Coolture then takes this further to create high-quality art, fashion and branding events in public spaces in New York City. It’s about driving cultural impact through a new way of content-driven communication. They use the big apple as their canvas to bring much-needed attention to important topics like women’s rights, climate change, and the global art scene, by working with major organizations. Think the United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Talk about impact! 

The driving force behind Coolture, Ana Calvo de Luis, describes Coolture Impact as a blank canvas, in the heart of one of the busiest and most influential cities in the world. “Surrounded by hundreds of thousands of commuters and tourists, this crazy busy and high energy part of the city gets some positive light from works of artists from all over the world, bringing to the streets a sense of wonder. We aim to create a positive impact in the city, working to develop sustainable cities in a new way forward, one that connects people, messages and brands.” 


Ana Calvo de Luis, CEO of Coolture in front of an installation


Situated at the Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT) on 42nd and 8th Avenue, it’s not only one of the major hubs of transportation for New Yorkers but a home for innovative designs, thinking and culture. Passersby are invited to interact with the art on a personal level and experience something out of the ordinary. It’s about looking up from your smartphone while walking by and surrendering yourself to something fundamentally human. 

Opening doors to another world is no easy feat. It all begins with brand awareness. As Coolture themselves say, “If a tree falls in an empty forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? We believe it doesn’t.” They’ve designed their brand awareness approach to ensure that they captivate audiences in a world with endless distractions and we love it. 



Citizens of New York using an interactive installation


How did they boost their brand awareness?


  • Think beyond the digital space

Sure, building a brand online is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of data analytics but the digital experience is no substitute for human interaction. Even with the latest and greatest innovations in AI and UX there’s nothing like stepping away from the screen and being able to experience something out in the world. These opportunities allow you to connect with your audience in real life.

Coolture utilizes public spaces to take culture to the streets. They’re about changing the narrative of the city by bringing in an approach that is so innately human. You see Coolture when you look up from your smartphone and allow yourself to be immersed in a new world. We can get on board with that!


  • Help build something beautiful and public

Like we mentioned above, it’s far too easy for people to get lost in their smartphones. Living in such a predominantly digital age is tough, especially for brands. It’s easy to spot a billboard in Times Square or an advertisement on the subway but are you offering something that enriches someone’s day? And how do you get past the shutters that we all wear due to the sheer number of advertisements we see each and every day? Think big - think creative spaces, collaborations, and events. 

Coolture has mastered the perfect balance between being digitally content-driven while still creating a physical space that fosters a sense of community. They work to enrich the lives of those who stop by their space at the PABT. It’s about awareness, about starting a conversation. By doing so, Coolture is now associated with powerful, shared experiences in the depths of one of the busiest cities on earth. 


  • Resonate with your audience

Did you know that 75% of people say that they want their favorite platforms to reflect their personal values while still being relevant for their generation? It’s all about creating a genuine and organic connection with your audience.

Coolture skips bland self-promotion and lets their audience experience the space themselves. It’s a more authentic way to have a conversation, especially when the topics range from women’s rights to climate change. There needs to be a safe space to encourage these discussions.


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Coolture has experienced soaring engagement thanks to its installations in New York City. It’s about opening the conversation. It’s about starting a conversation around sustainable cities. It’s about making the digital world omnichannel, more human - and people are stopping to see. We’re talking 18, 000 people per day interacting with their platform, folks! And 5-10% of those people are stopping for over 20 seconds. That right there, is advertising gold.

So what’s next for Coolture? They want to work with even more brands - brands who want to flip the advertising model on its head and do things differently. They’re looking to replace advertisement with interactivity and we are so intrigued. Anything out of the box that’s creating a positive impact and we’re all in!

New York City is a brightly populated canvas, full of good energy. Coolture works to bring a heart to the city, and content development that unites individuals. In a world where we are bombarded with advertisements on a daily basis - we at Flying Saucer love to see such a positive impact.

January 29, 2021

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