If you’ve been following our Positive Impact Series, you’ll know that we’ve been discovering some amazing brands, companies, products, and services that are having some pretty spectacular effects on our world around us. We’ve been covering topics from branding to marketing, growth, and content copywriting. The company up next on our list of features is absolutely no exception in terms of their awesome impact! They’re making a splash in an area that we had never thought of when it comes to positive impact… fashion.

The fashion market is valued at around $3.3 trillion and makes up a total of two percent of the whole world’s Gross Domestic Product. Europe, USA, China, and Japan account for almost 75% of the world’s fashion market and perhaps the most surprising to this intrepid copywriter is that it ranks #2 in the race for being the largest polluter in the world. Second only to the oil industry


What? That’s right guys, gals and nonbinary pals - your habit of picking up the shirt you love in every single color they have, only to donate half of them with the tags on, is a major contributor to our climate crisis.

Think we’re nuts? The United Nations Climate Change News states, “The fashion industry contributes 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions due to its long supply chains and energy-intensive production.” I know you’re shocked, and so were we. But the best part is that there are companies out there that are tackling this problem head-on.

Staiy is the latest tech startup that we’ve been able to connect with and they’re one of the major players who are looking to make a sizeable dent in the fashion-pollution crisis. Based in Berlin, Germany and founded in January, Staiy is connecting sustainable fashion brands in one, user-friendly place for the environmentally-conscious consumer. Not only that, they’re using artificial intelligence to make custom-tailored recommendations based on your style and preference. #Handy! 




Staiy is using five pillars to define the sustainability of the brands that they’re bringing into the marketplace: Water, Air, Materials, Workers and Commitment. They also have a dedicated sustainability officer that vets every clothing manufacturer who wants to get involved. What’s more, for each of those five pillars they’ve come up with a point system that incentivizes us as consumers to purchase responsibly!

One of the best parts about Staiy, in our semi-professional shopping opinion, is that access to the platform is free for both the brands that are being highlighted and the customers who would like to shop. When we heard about their business model, we just had to know more.

Wait, if the platform is free for everyone to use, how do they get paid?

When a fashion brand makes a sale to a customer, Staiy gets a small commission from the brand who sold the clothing. So Staiy only gets paid when the brand does! So not only are they connecting fashion-forward and eco-friendly brands to more consumers and creating the kind of awareness the world needs around sustainable fashion, but they only benefit when the brand does.

We’re big fans.

So what’s next for Staiy? They’re doing another seed round to expand their service into other markets. We’re really hoping that North America is next on the list!

What are you waiting for? Check. Them. Out!



January 29, 2021

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