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We’re branding freaks here at Flying Saucer. So naturally, we love nothing more than coming across a startup that’s absolutely crushing it when it comes to their branding and the subsequent success of the business.

Speaking of… we recently sat down with Nannybag to nail down just what’s led to that branding and business success.



Let’s set the scene: you’ve saved up your hard-earned cash and you’ve bought those plane tickets to your dream destination. You pack up, make it through airport security and sit through a grueling 8-hour flight next to a screaming baby until finally— you’re there! Your dream vacation awaits you. You step off the plane, floating on air, light as a feather… until you reach the baggage claim. Your heavy, clunky luggage is waiting for you. 

This doesn’t deter you though. You forge on into the unknown, over cobblestone streets, narrow stairs and you start to feel tired. You feel like you’re carrying more baggage now than at the end of your last relationship.

So what do you do? 

In comes Nannybag to save the day. They’re there to help ease the burden and take your luggage off your hands so you’re free to explore, eat, shop, and enjoy your time abroad. Nannybag realizes that not all who wander are lost, and not all who wander want to carry heavy luggage on their adventures.

Nannybag began with an NYC Airbnb, too many bags, and a desire to move freely. Co-founder Matthieu Ballester was traveling in New York and experienced almost the exact scenario we’ve described here— and hey, most of us have lived it! When he got home, he couldn’t stop thinking that there had to be a better way.

Together with co-founder Samir Senouci, a colleague from ventures past, they set about anticipating the necessity for a luggage network service that most travelers and locals didn’t even realize they needed. In came the bag nannies to the rescue.

What’s a bag nanny? A nanny is your host. They’re the superhero who is the partner hotel, store, or restaurant that will take care of your belongings while you’re out and about. 

What about security, you ask? The security processes are a priority for Nannybag. Each time a user drops their bags off with a Nanny they instantly receive information about the location and can chat with them directly on the app. Then, once the bag is dropped off the Nanny will seal your bag with a single-use security tag to protect your belongings. To make users feel extra safe and sound, each luggage dropped is insured up to €1500 in Europe and $1800 in the US through AXA Assurance.

Starting in 2017 with an amazing 202 nannies, Nannybag grew to 1799 nannies in 2018 and hit a mind-boggling 2500 nannies in September 2019. Now in 250 cities and 25 countries, this company is growing at lightning speed and branching out all over the world!

How’d they do it? Let’s examine.


Branding: Taking on the world

We would argue that they’ve done it by creating some solid brand awareness, brand equity, and trust. After all, leaving your hard-earned treasures with a complete stranger after you stood for hours in line or bartered for your life doesn’t always seem like a fantastic idea.

Through a strong visual identity and innovative branding, Nannybag has established itself as one of the largest luggage networks in the world. They’ve branded themselves as a collaborative network that allows travelers to store their luggage in partner shops and hotels around the world. They’re friendly, accessible and available to everyone, not just travelers.

What's more, Nannybag has absolutely nailed their customer personas. They know who they’re talking to, where they are online, and where they’re going to want to find the perfect person to watch over their prized possessions. To that end, Nannybag is looking to expand to even more cities across Europe, North America, and Asia.

They’re also still innovating and thinking beyond just luggage storage. Think: Luggage Management. Imagine if you could send off your bag at the end of your trip and meet up with it at home! Or leave it at the airport and have it delivered to your hotel after you’ve arrived? Nothing is going to stop you now, no luggage can hold you back.

This is luggage management at it’s finest— the opportunities are endless!

Wondering how you can get your own branding up to scratch? Take a look at The Ultimate Startup Guide to Brand Awareness and  The Abridged Branding Bible For Startups to help you start exploring and growing your brand.

Wondering where the nearest nanny is for your next big trip? Check out Nannybag. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

January 29, 2021

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